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Expo 2015
Milano teems with life, currently preparing for the World's Fair (aka Expo) to be held right outside of city center in 2015. The feast begins in May and we will be ready. Will you? read more

Escape Artists are mother-daughter team Elisabetta and Blaine and we have our eye on Italy!

Starting with a deep love for our Italian heritage and their amazing cuisine, we make it our business to share our appetite for all things Italy with you! We and our team of tremendously experienced travel professionals are offering you the most authentic regional escapes possible, focusing on low-stress, high passion getaways that will create life-long memories. Each of our partners have been personally handpicked by the two of us to showcase true Italian life and their influences reveal how you can live La Bella Vita everyday!

Take a look around and contact us to start planning your escape to begin to discover Your Italy today!