Italian Wine Grapes: Vitovska

Vitovska: this little known white grape hails from Friuli-Venezia Giulia (FVG) in northeast Italy.  Bordering the countries Slovenia and Austria (See map), this area is known for producing crisp, refreshing wines and vitovska is no exception.  As wine knows no national borders, Vitovska, also called Garganja, has as much cultural heritage in Slovenia as it does in Italy, as evident by the name itself.  Yielding a coppery, orange wine due to prolonged contact with the skins during maceration, this wine is rich in minerality and acidity, making it a perfect pair with seafood.   Best served at cellar temperature (55F), this playful grape will certainly leave its impression on you in aroma and flavor, and of course in color.  Try some out for your Halloween bash!


Vitovska grapes at Zidarich Wine Farm FVG

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