Sicily: Donnafugata Wines

Donnafugata has been making beautiful and expressive Sicilian wines for the last 160 years.  With cellars and estates born in Marsala, their Contessa Entellina vineyards in the heart of Western Sicily, and their hypnotizing production of Zibbibo Passito on the island of Pantelleria, DonnaFugata has proved its quality time and time again in their use of unique indiginous grapes and their fierce dedication. 

In a recent tasting at Valentino restaurant in Santa Monica, I had the privilege of being led through their enography and history, and drink some wine of course!   I especially enjoyed the juxtaposition of their dry Zibbibo (Lighea) and their sweet Zibbibo (Ben Rye’ Passito di Pantelleria), both sharing pronounced deep yellow fruit and floral aromas.  Reminiscent of a caramelized apricot crisp, The Passito could have been a dessert all on its own.  Go out and try some of Sicily’s best hidden wines today!

Lighea ~ Type: White- Zibibbo Sicilia IGP, Grapes: Zibibbo, Alcohol content: 12-13% alc/vol.

Donnafugata suggest Lighea, a sunny and bright wine for an aperitivo with friends, and recommend it for a first date!

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