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Escape Artists designs authentic and curated experiences to Italy for discerning American and Australian travelers, transforming fantasy into reality. We specialize in quality and exclusivity, making sure each voyage has been handcrafted to personalize your Italian dream.  We solely offer excursions to Italy for the luxury American and Australian market, so relax and let the experts create your dream escape.


Your secret's safe with us. Your secret’s safe with us.

Italian Escape Designers


Founder & Lead Escape Designer, Elizabeth Condelli Founder & Lead Escape Designer, Elizabeth Condelli

Elizabeth Condelli created Escape Artists in 2009 out of her love for all things Italian and continues to be enamoured with this stunning country on every return visit. Her Italy is standing in the Sistine Chapel, beneath the majesty of Michelangelo’s ceiling, with not a soul in sight.









Director of Italian Operations, Blaine Brown Director of Italian Operations, Blaine Brown

Blaine Brown joined Escape Artists after she caught the Italy bug from Queen Bee Elizabeth and now lives in the beautiful city of Perugia, touring the Italian country and seasides, constantly looking for the next big adventure. Her Italy is baking in the sun along the aquamarine coastline of Elba with a glass of bubbles in her hand and her feet in the sand.




Group Coordinator and Event Liason, Nani Bush Group Coordinator & Event Liason, Nani Bush

Nani Bush exploded onto the Escape Artists’ scene, bringing her extensive background of experience as the USC School of Medicine’s event planner as well as her deep rooting in her spiritual faith. Her Italy is witnessing a couple celebrating their love in Italy’s enchanting atmosphere under a sunset filled sky, amongst family and friends, with abundant wine and food, of course!



Director of Australian Operations, Francesca Clark Director of Marketing- Australia, Francesca Clark

Francesca Clark, born in Australia to Italian parents, has always had a special place in her heart for Italy. A long lost Condelli cousin, reunited via Facebook, she’s delighted to be able to share her love of this beautiful country with her fellow Australians, by heading our Australian clients division!  Her Italy is dining with family and friends in Sicily and Sardinia and enjoying the style of art Italy is world famous for.









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