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Borghi Più Belli

In 2001, Italy had a dream.  Tired of hearing the same old Rome, Florence, Venice stories from excited, wide eyed travelers, the Italian Tourism Board and National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) decided to spice things up a bit and broaden the average visitor’s horizons.  Bo Details



I love olive oil and traveling to Italy as often as I do has allowed me to taste some of the best olive oil in the world, right at the time of production.  One day the olives are on the tree and within 24 hours,  it’s been transformed into a culinary delight!


The Magic of Villa Cordevigo

Once upon a time in Renaissance Italy, the wealthy and noble Pignolati family bought a piece of uninhabited farmland, on which they built an impressive village. Today, we call this village Verona. Now, through a path of monumental cypress and nestled among vineyards and olive groves, the magic Details


Italian Olive Oil Curiosities

The Medici family transformed the hillsides of Tuscany by ordering the cultivation of olive trees and grapevines.  Now, the Tuscan landscape is an ideal setting for popular commercials, movies, and vacations. Nearby, the hills in Umbria are dotted with endless olive tree orchards.  In the 19th Details


What Does DOC Mean?

The abbreviation DOC stands for denominazione di origine controllata (Controlled Designation of Origin), which means that the origin of Italian wines and some cheeses are legally controlled by the Italian government.  On the same note, high quality cheese, ham, vinegar, olive oil, tomatoes, e Details


Food and Wine of Calabria

The food and wine of Calabria can be compared with that of California.  We both share similar climates, crops, and a passion for local, sustainable products.  Calabria is home to a large number of Italian Americans making this region perfect for those looking to discover their roots while exper Details

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