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A Sparkling Sicilian

It’s a celebration!  As I am now a dual certified sommelier (one with my beloved North American Sommelier Association and newly with the esteemed Court of Master Sommeliers), nothing emotes happiness like a bit of the bubbly!  As I have been drinking only wine I may be tested on for the CMS, I really wanted to have a festive bottle that was a bit more unique, a bit more me, and certainly, a bit more Italian.

The Murgo Brut 2010 The Murgo Brut

Murgo produces fantastic wine from the eastern part of Sicily, from the depths of Mount Etna!  Have you ever wondered what an active volcano tastes like?  I sure you have, so here’s your chance to find out.  The 2010 Murgo Brut, made in the Champagne style from Sicily’s native grape Nerello Mascalese, packs a punch of bitter almonds, marine salinity, volcanic ash, and a twinge of sourdough bread.  This truly tastes like victory and the promise of opportunity.  To pair with this masculine sparkler, we decided to make a lovely seabass baked with capers and olives to match the typicity of the area and also to balance some of this wine’s rougher edges, which ended up added a nice honey tone to the meal.  Pick up a bottle from our friends at the Wine House today and tell us what you think.  And remember to keep an eye out for my brand spanking new wine tours, starting in Spring 2015!

The Riace Bronzes have many talents... The Riace Bronzes have many talents…

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