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I love olive oil and traveling to Italy as often as I do has allowed me to taste some of the best olive oil in the world, right at the time of production.  One day the olives are on the tree and within 24 hours,  it’s been transformed into a culinary delight!


Terme of the Gods

Once upon a time, the mighty Hercules set off to defeat Geryon when he happened upon a hot spring with waters that so soothed his aching muscles, he no longer wanted to return home. Hercules soon purged the evil Geryon and built a temple in honor of the springs that had given him such lasting re Details


The Magic of Villa Cordevigo

Once upon a time in Renaissance Italy, the wealthy and noble Pignolati family bought a piece of uninhabited farmland, on which they built an impressive village. Today, we call this village Verona. Now, through a path of monumental cypress and nestled among vineyards and olive groves, the magic Details


Gelato or Ice Cream?

Gelato, Italy’s delicious and creamy version of ice cream has much less fat than its American counterpart, making it the perfect, virtually guilt free dessert! Gelato recipes usually include less cream than ice cream while adding more egg yolks and more milk.  Gelato also has 4–8% butterfat, Details

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January 23, 2014 9:32 pm
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Recipe: Chestnut and Garbanzo Bean Soup

It was Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, but I was in Poggia Picenze, a small village just a few miles from the Gran Sasso in L’Aquila.  My window at Osteria della Posta di Stefano Cardelli displayed an unforgettable view of the freshly snow-covered Gran Sasso.  The fabulous chef/nonna Gabrie Details


Feast of the Seven Fishes

It’s a long lived tradition in our family, as well as in many other Italian American households, that we celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes.  This highly awaited celebration is always observed on the much revered Christmas Eve, as a symbol of the vigil for the birth of the Baby Jesus.  T Details


Natural Foods in Cremona

“Our food is a national treasure,” Angelo Marazia told me recently on a warm, rainy afternoon in the lovely town of Cremona.  I nodded in agreement, remembering the many Italian meals I’d enjoyed, as I sipped a caffe lungo at the bar in the Piazza del Comune. Angelo told me of his passion Details


I’m back!

Escape Artists have been all over Italy for the past couple of months!   Sometimes, I have to research a particular province or region, which means I have to leave my husband at home, and travel to Italy.   I knew very little about Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) in the northeastern portion of It Details

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