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Terme of the Gods

Once upon a time, the mighty Hercules set off to defeat Geryon when he happened upon a hot spring with waters that so soothed his aching muscles, he no longer wanted to return home. Hercules soon purged the evil Geryon and built a temple in honor of the springs that had given him such lasting re Details


The Magic of Villa Cordevigo

Once upon a time in Renaissance Italy, the wealthy and noble Pignolati family bought a piece of uninhabited farmland, on which they built an impressive village. Today, we call this village Verona. Now, through a path of monumental cypress and nestled among vineyards and olive groves, the magic Details


Palazzo Te

One of the finest and most historical buildings in architecture resides in the city of Mantua, yet the majority of the public has never heard of it. The Palazzo Te was built as a vacation villa for Marquis and later Duke of Mantua, Frederico Gonzaga II, the son of Francesco Gonzaga II and our fa Details


The Gem of San Miniato

At Escape Artists, we pride ourselves on finding the most enchanting corners of Italy; localities off the beaten path that people may not come across otherwise.  San Miniato, nestled in the province of Pisa within the heart of Tuscany, fits the bill entirely.  This medieval town immediately cha Details


Book Review: Leonardo’s Swans

As an American representative for Italian Tourism, I have the amazing opportunity to travel to Italy a few times a year.  On my most recent trip, I journeyed to Lombardia, an astounding Northern region bursting with beauty, culture, and history. One of the richest areas of Italy, of which Milan Details


I’m back!

Escape Artists have been all over Italy for the past couple of months!   Sometimes, I have to research a particular province or region, which means I have to leave my husband at home, and travel to Italy.   I knew very little about Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) in the northeastern portion of It Details

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