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Chocolate Baci

Bacio, the Italian word for kiss (or baci which is kisses) famously lends its name to one of the most delicious and unique chocolates out there, made exclusively at the Perugina factory in Perugia, Umbria.  But it was not always known by this name.  Developed by co-founder Luisa Spagnoli in 1922, she originally called it a “Cazzotto” (a punch) as the shape of this delight reminded her of a fist that you make to hit somebody.  Co-founder Giovanni Buitoni vetoed this name after a year or so, stating that if he went into a chocolate shop and there was a cute girl behind the counter, his first instinct would not be to ask for a punch.  Now, you can find their trademark love notes wrapped inside of every Baci.

An iconic love note! An iconic love note!

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