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Gelato or Ice Cream?

Gelato, Italy’s delicious and creamy version of ice cream has much less fat than its American counterpart, making it the perfect, virtually guilt free dessert! Gelato recipes usually include less cream than ice cream while adding more egg yolks and more milk.  Gelato also has 4–8% butterfat, versus 14% for ice cream in the United States, so all the more reason to order two scoops!  For research, of course…

Pistacchio is my favorite! Pistacchio is my favorite!


Gelato’s low overrun (the amount of air added to the ingredient mixture) is between 25 and 50%  which makes for an extremely dense, rich and creamy treat.  Ice cream’s significantly higher overrun is made with whole milk, fresh cream, eggs, and natural flavorings and typically has between 80 to 100%!

Ice cream is usually scooped from buckets, gelato is spooned out of special serving trays. This slightly warmer temperature means that you have to focus all your attention on its delicious, creamy goodness before it melts away!  While toppings are encouraged on ice cream, the toppings for gelato have already been provided during the preparation.  My favorite gelato flavor is pistacchio, what’s yours?

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