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La Verna ~ Where St. Francis Received the Stigmata

La Verna is one of the best known Franciscan shrines, located atop glorious mountains of the same name.  Amid a thick forest of beech and pine trees in the northern part of the Casentino district of Arezzo in Tuscany, there lies a truly holy and mystical place.

Looking up from St Francis' Grotto Looking up from St Francis’ Grotto

The place was given to St. Francis in 1213 by Count Orlando of Chiusi as a retreat. On September 14, 1224, during one of Francis’ several stays at La Verna, he received the Stigmata.  On the floor of the Stigmata Chapel (1263), a stone marks the spot where the Saint received the “the ultimate mark of Christ.”

A truly mystical place A truly mystical place

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