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Spritz anyone?

Anyone who’s ever met me knows of my deep love for a Spritz.  A delicious fizzy beverage meant to be drunk as an aperitivo to prepare your digestion for dinner, its refreshing combination of bitter, citrus, and bubbles is the perfect way to get absolutely anything started.  Many have discussed the origin of my beloved beverage, as it seems everyone wants to claim the fame of its birth, but the Veneto wins the most universal credit for the genesis due to the influx of Austrians in the 1800s, who needed a touch of sparkling water (or sprtizen in German) to fully enjoy their new, higher in alcohol, Venetian wines.

Sometimes you get a beach view. Sometimes you get a beach view.

Now, not all Spritz are created equal.  Depending on where you are, the Spritz has countless forms, many of which can vary from town to town within the same region!  Some use Campari, others Cynar, others Select.  Some use bubbly wine, some use still.  Some have ice, some don’t.  Some garnish with an olive, some have no garnish at all! My favorite adaptation, and remember, I’m an expert, can be recreated by filling a wine glass with ice, then adding equal parts Prosecco, and bubbly water.  Top with easygoing Aperol to get your preferred hue of red (mine are like bricks!), but don’t go all the way to the top, we’re looking for a 3/4 of the way filled glass.  Finish with an orange slice and a straw and you’re in business!  Serve with some finger food, cause how can your stomach be ready for dinner if you haven’t eaten?  Most commonly you will be served olives, peanuts, or potato chips as your grand accompaniment, and ecco la, enjoyment has arrived!

Sometimes you get a feast! Sometimes you get a feast!

Try it tonight and tell me, what’s your favorite way to Spritz?

My favorite Spritz! My favorite Spritz!

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