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Borghi Più Belli

In 2001, Italy had a dream.  Tired of hearing the same old Rome, Florence, Venice stories from excited, wide eyed travelers, the Italian Tourism Board and National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) decided to spice things up a bit and broaden the average visitor’s horizons.  Bo Details


Cooking in Calabria

Go cooking in Tropea with Tania Pascuzzi!  Tania is an an expert on the region of Calabria, as well as our local guide.  She invites you to discover the beaches of Tropea and the enogastronomy of Calabria. Learn to make authentic Calabrian cuisine with Marianna in her outdoor kitchen situated Details


How to Apply for Italian Dual Citizenship

How do I Apply for Italian dual citizenship is a question I am asked all the time.  I discovered the application process will take you on an educational journey where you will discover your Italian ancestry at home, as well as in Italy.  Petitioning for ‘Italian citizenship by descent,’ at Details


Italian Dual Citizenship: Italian Passport

Once I decided to get an Italian passport there was certainly no turning back.  Plans of obtaining an Italian citizenship were discussed with such passion that I had to move forward.  I realized I had absolutely no idea on how to get an Italian passport, so as a stalling technique, I decided I Details


Italian Passports: Why Pursue Italian Citizenship?

Why should an American pursue Italian citizenship?  That’s a question I am often asked.  In the beginning, I thought having an Italian passport would be very cosmopolitan.  Everyone has their own reasons but mine was ‘I could’ and I was sure the process would be a simple form Details


Food and Wine of Calabria

The food and wine of Calabria can be compared with that of California.  We both share similar climates, crops, and a passion for local, sustainable products.  Calabria is home to a large number of Italian Americans making this region perfect for those looking to discover their roots while exper Details

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