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How to Apply for Italian Dual Citizenship

How do I Apply for Italian dual citizenship is a question I am asked all the time.  I discovered the application process will take you on an educational journey where you will discover your Italian ancestry at home, as well as in Italy.  Petitioning for ‘Italian citizenship by descent,’ at Details


Italian Dual Citizenship: Italian Passport

Once I decided to get an Italian passport there was certainly no turning back.  Plans of obtaining an Italian citizenship were discussed with such passion that I had to move forward.  I realized I had absolutely no idea on how to get an Italian passport, so as a stalling technique, I decided I Details


Italian Passports: Why Pursue Italian Citizenship?

Why should an American pursue Italian citizenship?  That’s a question I am often asked.  In the beginning, I thought having an Italian passport would be very cosmopolitan.  Everyone has their own reasons but mine was ‘I could’ and I was sure the process would be a simple form Details


Cornaro Chapel ~ Ecstasy of St Teresa

Art Every Woman Must See Cornaro Chapel and The Ecstasy of St Teresa are located in the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome.  This chapel was commissioned in 1647 by Cardinal Federigo Cornaro as a funerary chapel for his illustrious Venetian family and Bernini completed the Cornaro Chap Details


The Best English Speaking Salon in Rome

The best English speaking salon in Rome is undoubtedly the Noi Salon, located in the posh Piazza del Popolo, and is considered by all as ‘the place to be’ while visiting Rome. Founded by Californian Rick Breco and Italian brothers, Massimo and Giuseppi Topo, Noi became another chapter Details

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Return to Me

“Return to Me, O my dear, I’m so lonely. Hurry back, hurry back, O my love, hurry back and I am yours. Return to me, for my heart wants you only. Hurry home, Hurry home, Won’t you please hurry home to my heart?” Dean Martin seems to be singing these words to all those who


The Beautiful and Talented Mr. Ripley

More sinister and also more exquisitely filmed is Anthony Minghella’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999). Matt Damon plays Tom Ripley, a young sociopathic con man, who gets himself sent to Ischia to find and bring home the very wealthy Dickie Greenleaf, pl Details


American Catholic Church in Rome

What ever happened to Father Greg?  That’s a question that many people have asked me over the past few years.  I met Fr. Greg at my home parish of Saint Martin of Tours Church in Brentwood many years ago.  We happened to be in the same Italian language class one semester at the IIC in

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