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The Leaning Tower of…Venice?

Much like an older sibling that seems to get all of the praise, the Leaning Tower of Pisa floats into our stream of conciousness as one of the most famous and recognizable structures in all of Italy, probably even in the world.  But did you know it’s not the only radically leaning building Details


Borghi Più Belli

In 2001, Italy had a dream.  Tired of hearing the same old Rome, Florence, Venice stories from excited, wide eyed travelers, the Italian Tourism Board and National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) decided to spice things up a bit and broaden the average visitor’s horizons.  Bo Details


Murano glass: the (semi) lost art

The beauty, the delicacy, the exquisite luxury of Murano glass; even if you’re not so sure what it is, you’ve certainly heard of the name.  Named after the little island off of Venice where it is produced, Murano glass is the ultimate signature of elegance and wealth. Mostly known fo Details

Terme of the Gods

Once upon a time, the mighty Hercules set off to defeat Geryon when he happened upon a hot spring with waters that so soothed his aching muscles, he no longer wanted to return home. Hercules soon purged the evil Geryon and built a temple in honor of the springs that had given him such lasting re Details


The Craftsmen of Venice

The craftsmen of Venice are found in ateliers throughout the Venetian lagoon.  Here is where we find centuries of artistry and the great story of Venice.  Take a tour of the lagoon and visit the two major islands which become an opportunity to discover the glasswork furnaces of Murano and the  Details

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October 11, 2011 8:54 pm

The Beautiful and Talented Mr. Ripley

More sinister and also more exquisitely filmed is Anthony Minghella’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999). Matt Damon plays Tom Ripley, a young sociopathic con man, who gets himself sent to Ischia to find and bring home the very wealthy Dickie Greenleaf, pl Details

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