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Teatro del Silenzio

The virtually unknown Tuscan town of Lajatico has many unique perks: an odd name, prolific art from an eccentric designer, an immensely famous theater, and it’s the birthplace of one of Italy’s most beloved celebrities, Andrea Bocelli.  The singer of Expo 2015’s main theme and it’s opening ceremony artist, Bocelli undoubtedly gives reason for this city’s growing fame, yet its quirky charm and rich history in music will certainly keep your attention.

The beautiful landscape of Lajatico The beautiful landscape of Lajatico

The Teatro del Silenzio stands far above the crowd as the main tourist attraction of the city.  Every July, thousands of people flock from around the world for a single performance by Bocelli and special guest stars, while the theater remains silent for the rest of the year.  Redesigned annually by eccentric architect Alberto Bartalini and with additions contributed by various sculptors and metal casters, its style assuredly cannot be forgotten.  Tickets are available for each year’s brand new edition, any guesses for this year’s theme?

He' me.... He’s…looking…at me….


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