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The Magic of Villa Cordevigo

Once upon a time in Renaissance Italy, the wealthy and noble Pignolati family bought a piece of uninhabited farmland, on which they built an impressive village.  Today, we call this village Verona.  On this very special and beautiful land, the family built a Venetian palace, now known as the Villa Cordevigo Wine RelaisJust a few miles from Verona in the town of Cavaion Veronese, seconds from Lake Garda, through a path of monumental cypress and nestled among vineyards and olive groves, the magic truly begins.  

 The Villa Cordevigo is now considered one of the most beautiful and charming country homes in the Veneto.  It was my pleasure to meet the general manager and owner of Villa Cordevigo, Lorenza Delibori.  The vineyards and olive groves that surround the estate now belong to the families of Delibori Cristoforetti.

The Magical Villa Cordevigo The Magical Villa Cordevigo

The Rooms

Each guest room at Villa Cordevigo is individually designed and furnished with sumptuous, silky upholstery, Venetian glass chandeliers, and old world elegance.  The home creates simple yet luxurious spaces, overlooking the Italian gardens that surround this enchanting historical estate.

These exquisite chandeliers are even in the bathroom! These exquisite chandeliers are even in the bathroom!

The Italian Gardens 

Everything was so relaxed at the Villa that I was not even aware there was a wedding about to happen!  The garden, beautiful and simply decorated, only enhanced the breathtaking nature and rich greenery surrounding it.  

The Restaurant

Once the estate stables, the now famed restaurant Oseleta houses Michelin Star Chef, Giuseppi d’Aquino.  Born in Napoli, he spent time working internationally, and even did a stint with our very own Wolfgang Puck in Los Angeles.  His dishes not only excite the palate and the mind, but every other sense as well.  Talk about eating with your eyes!

The golden bomb of dessert. The golden bomb of dessert.

The Spa

No stay at Villa Cordevigo would be complete without a visit to Essentia Spa.  Eliminating stress through relaxation is their philosophy, so soften your body and mind and prepare yourself to lay on the Cloud.  I felt like I was suspended in water during my message, a feeling I have not been able to replicate no matter how I try!

 The Chapel

Once a barn, the Chapel of St. Martin of Tours now overlooks the gardens, an ideal spot for weddings, civil ceremonies, or renewing your vows.   I am told that the chapel contains more that 3,000 Christian relics, including a piece of the table from the Last Supper!

Your on site way to pray! Your on site way to pray!

The Vineyard

Guided tours of the Estate Vineyard and Winery can be arranged with wine expert extraordinaire, Paolo Consolini.  He’ll tell you stories of the vineyards surrounding the villa and fully educate you about the grapes and the styles of wine that they produce here at the Villa.

Cin Cin! Cin Cin!


The Promise

Once you stay at Villa Cordevigo Relais, it will undoubtedly be chiseled onto your “best memories” list.  I recommend staying three nights in order to achieve the complete level of relaxation and pampering.  The seaside resort town of Bardolino is only a 10 minute drive away, and there are plenty of sights and tastes to experience there.  Contact us today to get to know more about one of our favorite partners in Italy!


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