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An urban trek of the Towers of Bologna

Immerse yourself in medieval Bologna, where the symbol of Two Towers showcases the city’s image throughout the World. Of the 100 towers built in Bologna around the XII century there remain 24, presenting a web of a unique urban fabric. This expedition allows you to discover 14 of the remaining towers through the center of the city in a real urban trek.

Your Tower Trek begins! Your Tower Trek begins!

The tour begins at the centre of Piazza Maggiore, walk along via IV Novembre until reaching Piazza Galileo Galilei: here is the first tower on the itinerary, the (1) Agresti Tower.  A short distance further on, find the (2) Lapi Tower incorporated into the walls of Palazzo d’Accursio.  From Piazza Galileo Galilei turn left onto via Battibecco and then Tovia de’ Fusari. From there, turn right to get to Piazza dei Celestini. From here, cross over via d‘Azeglio and walk into Corte Galluzzi with the (3) Galluzzi Tower.  From Corte Galluzzi cross Piazza Galvani and follow via dell’Archiginnasio named for the Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, until reaching its intersection with via dei Musei. Turn right onto via Clavature and then onto via Marchesana. Here you can see the (4) Carrari Tower. Return to via Clavature, turn right and continue until you arrive at via Castiglione. Turn right again, cross the street and continue until arriving at Piazza della Mercanzia. From the square, turn right onto via Santo Stefano and find the (5) Alberici Tower.

#TowerLife #TowerLife

Going back to via Santo Stefano once again, you will reach Piazza di Porta Ravegnana. From here, you will stumble upon the iconic (6 +7) Due Torri,  a symbol of medieval Bologna, and a fabulous tourist attraction.  Walk up the daunting 498 steps to the top of the tallest tower in the city, called Torre di Asinelli, and take some selfies!

We did it!! We did it!!

Now you’ll surely be worn out, have some lunch and a beverage in the nearby Via Caprarie, bustling with restaurants and shops.

World famous pumpkin and sage tortellini! World famous pumpkin and sage tortellini!

Now that you’ve been refreshed, return to the two towers and begin again from the opposite side of the square.  Take via dei Giudei and then Vicolo San Giobbe to Vicolo Tubertini and Vicolo Mandria. Here you will find the 13th century (8) Uguzzoni Tower.  Continuing along via Oberdan, turn right and then immediately turn left onto via San Nicolò, then right onto via degli Albari and left again onto via degli Albiroli, where the (9) Guidozagni Tower-House stands.  Then turning right onto via Sant’Alò, you will find the (10) Prendiparte Tower, also known as the Coronata “the crowned one”.  

View of Piazza Maggiore from the top of Asinelli View of Piazza Maggiore from the top of Asinelli

Retrace your steps back up via Sant’Alò until reaching via Altabella, where the (11) Azzoguidi Tower stands.  From via Altabella continue towards Piazza del Nettuno and pass under the Voltone del Podestà up to Piazza Re Enzo to the (12) Lambertini Tower.  Once back in Piazza del Nettuno, the (13) Arengo Tower (or “the Podestà Tower”) can be seen. Now return to Piazza Maggiore, where the tour began and the very last tower: the (14) Orologio Tower (the Clock Tower).  Now, reward yourself with wine.

My favorite Spritz! My favorite Spritz!

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